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CodeReview: Tool for reviewing and printing code

About CodeReview

CodeReview formats code reviewing, printing, or posting on a web site. It converts source files syntax highlighted XHTML, and can perform a diff before formatting.

Feature list:

Download CodeReview

CodeReview - v1.0.1 - Windows (last updated 2009/04/25 changes)

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework in order to run CodeReview. Most systems already have this if you use Windows Update to keep your system up to date with the latest patches.

Samples and documentation

CodeReview - Sample Output

Full sample of the output from CodeReview. This was generated from 2 versions of Motherboard.cpp from Node. It shows highlighting, differencing, and line-wrapping.

CodeReview - Command Line Help

This is a screen shot of the command-line help provided by CodeReview.

Known bugs/limitations