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Geometry GL (geoGL)

About GeoGL

"Geometry GL" or "GeoGL" is a library for the OpenGLŪ programmer who wants to take their programs to the next level by providing more capabilities than the standard set of glBegin()/glVertex()/.../glEnd() provides. GeoGL provides OpenGLŪ helpers, mathematical functions, object manipulation, and 3D-space management. It could serve as the starting point for building a full 3D engine.

GeoGL does NOT isolate the programmer from OpenGL, and does not provide spacial partitioning (BSP trees,portals,octrees...). Clipping to the view frustum is provided. GeoGL is most appropriate for an open 3D environment such as a demo, a single room, or space. It could also be used for demos or teaching software.

GeoGL is available as open source through the GNU public license. It is designed for an experienced C++ programmer and is for use at your own risk. The library has been successfully used in the past and is under continual development.


Click here to download the GeoGL source and libraries
- Documentation is included in the ZIP archive

Click here to view the documentation online
- Uses frames; Opens in another window