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Moby Disk Consulting provides technical consulting services to software developers, IT professionals, and end users. More information is available on the About page.

2013-12-01: I wrote a review of my new Digital Storm Vanquish Gaming PC

2011-12-22: I made a full list of .NET Framework delegates and updated the old list of exceptions to .NET 4.0.

2011-09-11: I started on a suite of macros to tidy C# code.

2011-06-27: I have been blogging about Android.

2011-02-19: How to restore access to a SQL Server if you are administrator who has been locked-out

2010-04-28: Updated the Visual Studio outlining macros to work with Visual Studio 2010.

2010-03-12: Combining demo effects + WPF control templates to create a flaming progress bar.

2009-04-25: Code review 1.01 is available. There are many many bug fixes and performance enhancements, especially to printing.

2009-02-03: I made a full list of .NET Framework exceptions under my software articles section.

2009-01-04: DS Picture Copy: Image exporter for the Nintendo DS

2008-03-02: In Loving Memory of Dianna Garrison

2008-01-23: DS Dictionary updated with sleep support

2007-06-07: If you have a Nintendo DS with a mod chip, you can download my Dictionary for the Nintendo DS.

2006-06-27: Please read my article on Network Neutrality.

2005-09-05: If you are looking for Code Review the GUI version is now available.

2005-08-29: Yay! I am now Microsoft MCP #3474763.

2004-05-27: If you are currently using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) as your source control package, I recommend moving to Subversion. It is an excellent cross-platform enterprise-level source control package. I modified Brett's subversion migration scripts to import an entire VSS repository into Subversion. Much thanks to for his work.

2004-05-13: The hang gliding section of my personal page is now available. I've posted several new pictures and videos. More to come.

2004-04-15: Welcome to the new web site! This is a work-in-progress so expect the updated software development section and the new technical information sections to grow very quickly in the next few months.