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Node by Mindware

Node screen shot

About Node

Node is a 3D graphics and sound demonstration created for the COMA2 demo competition in Montreal, Canada in 2000. Node was created by two coders Tronster Hartley (Tronster) and William Garrison (Moby Disk) with music composed by David Wiernicki (Perisoft). The demo won 3rd place out of about 10-15 entries.

Node was programmed in Microsoft Visual C++ using OpenGL, and later ported to Linux. The Music was composed using Impulse Tracker and the music is rendered and played using The FMOD music and sound effects system. The graphics were created using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. 3D modeling was done by hand using graph paper and text files.

Follow this link if you want to know "What is a PC demo?"

Download Node

Click here to download Node
- Requires a 3D accelerator and a 350Mhz or higher CPU.
- As of 2004-04-15 the Linux version is temporarily unavailable.

Click here to download the source code
- Requires C++ and OpenGL.
- As of 2004-04-15 the Linux version of vidGL (required for Node) is temporarily unavailable. This source will only compile on Windows.