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Technical Resources

This section contains computer-related opinions, notes, and research. It deals with operating systems, computers in general, and geek topics. If you are looking for software development information, you want my Software Development Technical Information section.

Protecting the Internet

In June 2006, I wrote an article intended to clear the confusion about Network Neutrality.

Linux stuff

I keep notes of my experience using Linux. I've used DOS/Windows all my life, so this is a tough transition. My Linux blog has my everyday experiences and commentary. I wrote a detailed article on a Migrating RH9 to Kernel 2.6.1 for anyone who is trying to make that switch.

Windows stuff

I documented all of the ports open on Windows XP for the curious, or security minded.

Geeky stuff

If you think you are a super-geek, try the Hacker's dictionary crossword puzzle (Java required).