Moby Disk Consulting
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William Garrison - mobydisk at mobydisk daht com

About Moby Disk Consulting

Hello, I am William Garrison AKA "Moby Disk". I provide a broad range of technical expertise to individuals and businesses in the Baltimore/Washington area by utilizing my experience in technical training, custom software development, network installation and administration.


Trustworthy, accurate technical informaton is a must when planning any IT service. I have experence bridging the gaps between my clients and 3rd-party companies and can assist with software deployment, and hardware problems.

Software Development

Moby Disk Consulting is knowledgable in software architecture and development. I have experience in all phases of software development including requirements analysis, documentation, visual modeling, testing, and deployment. I am comfortable working with waterfall or agile development models.

Please contact me if you are in need a senior developer or a team lead. If you do not need a full-time employee, I am also available to assist you in the requirements and design phase, or as a consultant to assist during the development phase. I can perform code reviews, code maintenance, or help you establish a source-control or bug-tracking system to ease the testing and deployment of your project. Do you have a technical problem and no one to research a solution? Contact me to arrange a part-time problem-solving effort.

I am available for development either on-site or remotely at my home office. I am knowledgable on object-oriented design and user-interface design. I have experience with Windows development, Linux development, and Internet/network related architectures.

If you want to know more about my experience or software development recommendations, look at my resume and my software development best practices page.

Open source

Many of my own software projects are available as open-source. I have also made small bug-fixes to several open-source projects including The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) and VirtualDub.